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CBRS CPI Training New Modules

Designed for CBRS installers and stakeholders. This training covers all aspects of CBRS, rules for installing CBSDs and working with any SAS. Results in a CPI certificate.

Unit 1 CBRS Band and FCC Part 96
Unit 2 Introduction to CBRS Tiers
Unit 3 Incumbents and Role of SAS
Unit 4 CBSD Categories
Unit 5 CBRS Protocols and Interfaces
Unit 6 Role of a CPI and Responsibilities
Unit 7 Procedures and Protocols
Unit 8 Examples of CBSD Registration
Unit 9 Other Information and Tips

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Please go to the below link to schedule your CPI exam. Once the CPI exam is passed with 75% or higher, you will be eligible to receive your CPI digital certificate.

  • WInn Forum CPI Training_V3
  • CPI-Training-TopicsQ_AV1.2.pdf
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 60 months